Paint Prepper

Company Name:
Salary period: Annual
The Paint Prepper is responsible for preparing all assigned vehicles for the refinishing and reassembly processes, following the written repair order and ABRA's operational excellence processes.
1. Pre-Op & Repair Planning: Thoroughly reviews each repair order prior to beginning work on vehicle. May assist Painter in pre-op by preparing spray-out panels to determine blend needs.
2. Vehicle Repair: Completes all paint preparation processes for vehicles according to factory specification and ABRA policies. After vehicle is painted the Prepper may wet sand/buff to ensure the paint finish meets quality standards. May prime, edge or jam replacement parts. Contributes to maintaining acceptable cost per paint labor hour.
3. Team Engagement & Problem Solving: Is an active and prepared participant in morning board meetings. Knows status of assigned vehicles and helps problem-solve on getting and keeping all vehicles on schedule for on-time delivery.
4. Organized & Safe Workplace: Consistently utilizes all required safety equipment and follows proper refinishing procedures in compliance with OSHA guidelines. Adheres to all requirements for hazardous waste disposal. Participates in monthly safety meetings and utilizes information on the job. Follows vendor procedures to maintain all tools and equipment, including maintenance of paint booth and booth filters. Maintains a clean and organized work space.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Auto Body Vo-Tech certificate preferred
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Knowledge of manufacturers' repair/refinishing processes & adherence to ABRA's processes
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Ability to use selected vendor materials and general supplies efficiently and cost effectively.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Demonstrated commitment to continued learning by attending ABRA/industry-required training.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Must maintain a valid state drivers license in order to drive any customer or company vehicle.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Predictable and reliable attendance required.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Periodic lifting and carrying objects over 50 pounds.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Reaching above and below shoulder level.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Extended periods of kneeling, bending, squatting and stooping to complete or inspect repairs.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Manual dexterity and eye/hand coordination to operate equipment.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ May be exposed to repetitive tasks involving hand and arm motion.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ May be required to inspect vehicles outdoors in inclement weather.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Visual acuity for color matching.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ May be exposed to fumes, chemicals, high levels of dust and noise in repair center. Must be able to wear protective equipment, including respirator.

Don't Be Fooled

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